Grant McMillan
Grant McMillan is an accomplished carver, with sculptures in private collections across western Canada, in Washington state, and even in New Zealand. His works include architectural, wildlife, furniture, lettering, and abstract sculpture.

Grant prefers to let the natural wood grain show, finishing most carvings with natural tung oil, or sealer and wax. Most of his relief and three dimensional sculptures are carved in “found wood” such as burls and local woods with interesting grain patterns.

All of Grant's pieces have local and personal stories behind them. A recent series of carvings encourage you to pick up the carvings and turn them over in your hands to have an “Oh look at that!” experience.

Carvings range from very small (2 inches by 2 inches) to quite large (6 feet plus), and Grant is available for commissions. Contact him to inquire about the commissioning process.
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